Alexander Branavets

Game Development, Mobile Games, Unity Developer

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Classic Style Arcade Game:
Crazy Shipping

You have received a large order to move belongings of tenants from two neighboring buildings, and this order can handle only your company. There are so many tenants wishing to move their stuff that you have to catch objects which people throw out from the windows. Each game level becomes more complicated by growing number of tenants, and it gets more difficult to catch objects. Some tenants throw out their belongings, others are trying to help you and throw out bonuses from the windows; but beware - some of the tenants, disgruntled by waiting, drop a bomb and damage your truck so it can’t be fixed.
Crazy Shipping: old arcade game Crazy Shipping: old arcade game
Unity 3d project from an idea to implementation. Published and featured on: AppStore, Mac AppStore, Google play, android TV, Amazon, Amazon fireTV, Windows Store, Windows Phone Store.
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