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Game Development:
Small Buttons

About the game: line up dazzling small buttons and eliminate tiles across 80 levels of fun. Use your new abilities to cut the ropes that lock certain buttons in place or send lightning ripping through tiles. 80 Exciting Levels to beat. Enjoy gripping gameplay with spellbinding visuals and fun in Small Buttons.
Small Buttons screenshot 01: Main Small Buttons screenshot 02: Special Boosts Small Buttons screenshot 03: Gameplay mobile match3 Small Buttons screenshot 04: Gameplay mobile match3 Small Buttons screenshot 05: Gameplay mobile match3 Small Buttons screenshot 06: Game Levels Small Buttons screenshot 07: Levels, Game Progress Small Buttons screenshot 08: More Games
My project from an idea to implementation (except programming, of course): HD graphics, level design, UI, UX, gameplay balance, all the graphics for the main build and localization. Published and featured on: AppStore, Mac AppStore, Google play, android TV, Amazon, Amazon fireTV, Windows Store, Windows Phone Store. Keywords: #SmallButtons #match3 #casualgame #games #mobilegame #apple #google #amazon #graphicdesign #gamedesign #ui #ux #userinterface #userexperience #matchthree #grafik #návrhář #hernínávrhář
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