Victor Branovets

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Casual Game Development:
Easy Gems

Amazing Match 3 Puzzle. Enhanced gameplay, amazing power-ups and addictive game mechanics in match three puzzle game. Fun and challenge gameplay, 82 levels - each one is unique and full of fun and amazing challenges, 6 power-ups, Create COMBOS by power-ups and create amazing cascades, Nice music, TOP-NOTCH performance, Charming Retina HD graphics, Beautiful visuals and animations!
Easy Gems on MAC and PC: Game Map Easy Gems on MAC and PC: Gameplay Easy Gems on MAC and PC: Gameplay Easy Gems on tablet: Gameplay Easy Gems on tablet: Main Easy Gems on tablet: Game Map Easy Gems on tablet: Bonus Pack received! Easy Gems on tablet
My areas of responsibility: from an idea to implementation: game and graphic design, were selected music and sound effects, balanced the gameplay for all locations, localization and testing. Published and featured on: AppStore, Mac AppStore, Google play, android TV, Amazon, Amazon fireTV, Windows Store, Windows Phone Store. Keywords: #EasyGems #match3 #casualgame #games #mobilegame #apple #google #amazon #graphicdesign #gamedesign #ui #ux #userinterface #userexperience #matchthree #grafik #návrhář #hernínávrhář
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